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Military Duty Leave for Employees in Colorado

To be eligible for leave, qualified members of the Colorado National Guard or the U.S. reserve forces in nontemporary positions must not leave the position for training for more than 15 days each year.

Case Study: Service Provider's Business Plan

Computing Development Strategies is a startup business that hopes to become a major supplier of certain types of computer training to the owners and employees of small businesses in the greater Chicago area. Its founder is a highly qualified computer trainer with extensive experience in providing training, developing training tools, and managing training and maintenance operations for a large computer corporation. He plans to build on his expertise by developing a group of courses designed specifically to help small businesses effectively use the most popular business software packages.

OSHA-Approved Resources in Arizona

Consultation and Training


OSHA-Approved Resources in Hawaii

Consultation & Training Branch


OSHA-Approved Resources in Kentucky

Kentucky Labor Cabinet


OSHA-Approved Resources in Michigan

Consultation Education and Training Division


OSHA-Approved Resources in Nevada

Safety Consultation & Training Section


OSHA-Approved Resources in Virginia

Virginia Department of Labor and Industry


Six Sigma: What it Can Do For Your Business

Six Sigma, a business training program, is a combination of management strategies developed into a program with the goal to improve the outcome of any business.


Training Employees and Managers

An effective accident prevention program requires proper job performance from everyone in the workplace.

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