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Sample Workplace Safety Policy

The sample safety policy in the attached file is designed to help you create a formal safety policy for your company. It contains the essential elements of a safety policy and is broadly written to cover a variety of workplace environments that pose differing levels of hazards. It can be edited and customized to meet the needs of your business.

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Emerging Safety Issues

As the workplace becomes a more dangerous place and as we learn more about hazards, new safety issues and concerns emerge. In some cases, OSHA is taking action, or is considering taking action, to address some more recent workplace hazards.

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Documenting Your Program

One important part of the on-going administration of your safety program and efforts is documentation. Document your activities in all elements of your workplace program. Essential records, including those legally required for workers' compensation, insurance audits, and government inspections, must be maintained as long as the actual need exists viagra generic.

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Safety in Your Workplace

Why worry about safety? Simply because workplace accidents can destroy your business.

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Workplace Safety Regulation (OSHA)

Every employer wants to have a safe workplace. The risk of injury to an employee or customer is frequently enough to convince an employer to take appropriate steps to maintain a safe place of business.

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