Easy Ways To Relieve Stress At Work


As technology increases, so does the typical work week. The average worker in the United States works almost 60 hours a week, leaving little time to relax, unwind, and relieve stress. But relieving stress doesn’t require more than a few minutes of your time. Here are a few ways to reduce stress at work without missing a beat:

·         Leave the office for lunch and enjoy your meal at a park. Try eating outside once or twice a week and let the fresh air rejuvenate you.

·         Breathe deeply. When we are anxious, we breathe shallow. Take a few moments during the day to concentrate on breathing deeply. And as you breathe out each time, smile.

·         Listen to quiet music. Soft music, instrumental music or sounds of nature music can help you relax.

·         Stretch. Learning different ways to stretch and flex relieves tension in many different areas of the body.

·         Laugh. Read a comic strip, a funny quote, or look at funny pictures. Laughing releases natural tranquilizers, pain relievers and endorphins, all which will help relieve stress.

·         Play with a stress-relieving toy or game. Mini-basketball hoops, dart boards, stress balls, or other handheld games can lower tension and relieve stress after a few minutes of playtime.

·         Move around. Every once and a while, get up and move around. Instead of sending an email, IM, or making a quick phone call to your co-worker down the hallway, get up and go talk to them. Take a short walk around the office. Or get a glass of water from the water cooler.

·         Find a massage partner. Massage is a great tension relieving technique. Offer a co-worker or good friend a five minute shoulder or neck massage and switch places five minutes later. 

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A good chair and appropriate lighting help too.

I found that florescent lighting is stressful. When you don't have natural light from the outside, turn off those florescents and add a natural light desk lamp. My eye doctor told me once that the vibration of the lights fights with the computer screen creating stress on your eyes and headaches. I also got a new, more ergonomic chair and find that I slump a lot less!
TOBY H from Goleta, CA - Add to my Personal PeerSphere - 6 years ago

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