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Small Business Security

Starting a small business has many challenges, one of which is security. What kind of security will you use to protect your small business? This article has information on what you need to know about security and your small business.

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What is Mystery Shopping?

Learn how mystery or secret shopping can be a valuable tool for improving your business experience.

Choosing a VOIP Provider for Your Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a recent communication technology that allows individuals to make “phone calls” over the Internet using a broadband connection in place of a phone line or cellular signal. VOIP services are now reliable and transmit clear signals and have several advantages over traditional phone services.

How to Run a Home Business When You Have Young Children

Running your small business from home has many benefits, including being able to spend more time with your children. However, balancing a business and family life under one roof can be difficult. Check out these tips to help balance both.

How to Select a Daycare Provider for Your Children

Whether you work from home or in an office, you may need to find a daycare provider for your children. Here are some helpful tips when searching for a daycare provider.

How to Balance Work and Life

Do you work to live or live to work? Balancing work with the rest of your life can be difficult. Here are some tips to keep the rest of your life from moving to the back burner.

Benefits Of Operating A Small Business From Your Home Versus An Office

You have decided to open a small business, now you need to decide where to operate. Here are some benefits for operating a small business from your home versus an office.

Purchasing or Renting/Leasing Space for a Business

Opening a small business where you will need space on a location outside your home? Check out some of the benefits and drawbacks to purchasing or renting/leasing business space.

How to Balance Work & Play as a Small Business Owner

Want to start your own business but concerned it will consume all your free time? Check out these ideas to help you balance work and play while remaining a successful business owner.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Learn how mystery or secret shopping can be a valuable tool for improving your business experience.

How to Handle Customer Complaints

Learn what to do with those pesky, but valuable customer complaints from Kevin Stirtz, The Amazing Service Guy.

Kevin Stirtz, The Amazing Service Guy

Expert customer service advice from Kevin Stirtz, The Amazing Service Guy.

Five Simple Ways to Save Money and the Environment

Pulling ahead of the competition in today’s economy requires a lean, focused organization that makes customers feel good about doing business with you. With an uncertain stock market and leading economists debating whether the worst is over, now is a great time to cut some of the wasted expenses from your business. And now that consumers are clamoring for more environmentally sound products and giving preference to businesses that consider their impact on the planet, cutting waste may not only save you money, it could give you the edge that makes customers choose you over the competition.

Do I Need a Database Web Site?

A database is a great way to organize Web sites with a lot of regularly updated content. Databases power dynamic Web sites, meaning pages are created each time someone requests them. The pages are made by pulling information from the database into a Web page template upon request.

Looking Out for Your Business During Flu Season

Your business may have already been impacted by the spring and summer outbreaks of 2009 H1N1 influenza. The CDC anticipates more communities may be affected and/or more severely affected this fall and winter than were in the spring and summer of 2009. The

How To Find a Web Hosting Plan

Choosing the right Web hosting plan can be a daunting task with an enormous number of products and features available. Deciphering specifications and making sense of the jargon is only the first step. Finding a company you trust is equally important.

Inclusion Amount Tables for Leased Cars

In 2010, if a car or truck with a fair market value in excess of $18,500 is leased, you must add back an additional amount (i.e., subtract it from your otherwise deductible amount) to offset a portion of the lease payments. This rule was enacted to prevent individuals from avoiding the luxury car depreciation limits that apply to purchased vehicles. The amounts that must be added into your income are called "inclusion amounts" and are taken from a price-based table issued annually by the IRS.

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Checklist for Purchasing Used Vehicles

For many small business owners, buying a reliable used vehicle to use in their business makes more sense than buying a new one. By doing so, a business owner can save thousands of dollars on a vehicle's purchase price. That money can be used in other areas of the business that will generate profits. However, a used vehicle that constantly breaks down may interrupt service to customers. And depending on the nature of your business, a shabby looking vehicle that runs could still leave an unfavorable impression with your clients.

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Sample Equipment Inventory List

Should a theft, fire, or other catastrophe hit your business, you'll want to quickly and accurately determine what you've lost. You'll be aided in making this determination if you've taken the time to document each of your equipment acquisitions. Good records of what you've purchased can also help when things are going well. Accurate information regarding your past equipment purchases can help you forecast your future needs.

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Annual Vehicle Lease Table

If you are an employer and you provide a vehicle to an employee for an entire year, you may value the use of that vehicle (a fringe benefit to your employee) by using the vehicle's annual lease value. A vehicle's annual lease value is based on the fair market value of the vehicle when it is first available for personal use and is determined under an annual lease table provided by the IRS. The table is based on a four-year lease term. The attached file contains the annual lease table as well as an example which shows how to use the table to value an employee's use of a vehicle.

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Bioterrorism/Anthrax Threats

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a new model to help businesses with mail-handling operations deal with the threat of anthrax in the workplace. OSHA's "anthrax matrix" is designed to help employers assess the risk of anthrax contamination and specifies safe work practices for businesses at low, medium and high risk.

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AIDS in Specific Industries

If your business is in one of several specific industries, your concerns about AIDS and your need to deal with them is far more complex than it would be in other industries because of the increased likelihood of exposure to contaminated bodily fluids or because of other health and safety requirements.

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Controlling the Cost of AIDS

As the number of AIDS cases continues to increase, medical costs will continue to escalate. In addition to the costs of treatment for covered employees, cost of life and disability insurance will also increase.

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Dealing with AIDS in the Workplace

As the spread of AIDS increases, your chances of employing someone with AIDS or HIV increase. So, it's best to be prepared to handle the situation, should it ever arise. The following checklist may help you to effectively do so.

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Creating a Policy Addressing AIDS

As with the creation of any employee policy, there are pros and cons. If you elect to create a formal policy addressing AIDS, it should contain:

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