Unique ways small businesses retain employees

While paid time off and health insurance are often expected benefits with many jobs, some small business owners are going the extra mile by offering their employees some unusual perks.

According to Ventureneer.com, some small business owners are changing the way they've been taught to do business in order to retain employees as well as keep them motivated and productive.

The change may be attributed to the fact that the recession has made it difficult for small firms to give their employees salary raises and other financial bonuses. Instead, business owners are getting creative.

"Before the recession, it was all about doing things faster. If that didn't work out, hire someone else," business consultant Johnny Laurent told Reuters. "Now, to keep them, you have to engage employees with the vision so they own part of it."

The news provider reports that communicating the company's mission and finding ways to show workers how they're contributing to it is critical. It also means finding ways, other than offering them more money, to show your appreciation.

Some of the perks being offered include flexible hours, memberships to club stores and gyms, monthly cookouts with contests, paid time off for volunteer work, free housecleaning every two weeks and tuition reimbursement.

"The cost of employee replacement is high and the benefit of continuity is great," small business owner Ken Lehman told Ventureneer.com.

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Fringe Benefits Can Pay Big Dividends

In my first company, the pay was low but the perks were high, and I had the most wonderful, happy, loyal employees I could have asked for! As a new mother at the time, I myself needed extra flexibility in order to get my work done as well as attend to the needs of my family. I employed several other mothers, and I also extended this policy to them as well. There were simply no questions asked -- if your kid was sick, then stay home and take care of him. The staff would manage and cover for you until you got back. If you had to leave for an hour in the middle of the day to go eat lunch with your kid or go to an awards ceremony-- go for it! I can't tell you how much these women appreciated the opportunity to be a producing, wage-earning contributor to their families, while at the same time not feeling that they were sacrificing thier roles as mothers. They expressed their gratitude often, and always more than made up for the time off in productivity as they were so grateful to have been given what they needed first. This was the biggest fringe benefit we offered by far, but.... we also found that a well-timed massage gift certificate here and there was received pretty well too! On top of all of this, a simple -and sincere - Thank You goes a long way!
Lisa Sperow - 3 days ago

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