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Overhead Music, In-store Messaging, and Marketing On-Hold Services


As a Winmark preferred vendor, Voice Solutions provides businesses with overhead music, in-store messaging, messaging on-hold, and sound masking services to help maximize marketing and branding initiatives. Since 2003 Voice Solutions has been a one-stop creative source offering turn-key services and competitive pricing to all sizes and types of companies. Voice Solutions partners with each client to expand marketing strategies by tailoring messaging and music to each business’s unique image.


Special Offer

Voice Solutions is excited to offer the following music and messaging services at discounted prices! A Voice Solutions representative will work with you to understand the equipment needs of your business and offer you a competitive price.


Overhead Music:

Starting at $34.99 a month, Voice Solutions provides your business with up to FIVE mixes from a list of over 125 available playlists. Overhead music is delivered digitally via the internet or CD for up to 60 hours without DJ interruption. Eliminate artists and songs from your playlist to tailor the music to your image. Ask about day-parting options and additional mixes.


Overhead Messaging:

For just $23.00 per month Voice Solutions works directly with you to create statements to be played overhead in your business. Voice Solutions works with you to create tailored statements, select desired voice talent and time intervals between messages.


Messaging On-Hold:

Reinforce your branding and marketing efforts for $49.99 a month. Voice Solutions works with your business to create customized messages on-hold. The Voice Solutions creative team develops up to EIGHT statements for your on-hold production after a consultation to discuss important topics, ideas, and issues within your business. This program allows you to make changes to your production FOUR times a year.


Sound Masking:

Voice Solutions offers you peace of mind with Sound Masking. Eliminate noise from loud neighbors, slamming doors and distracting conversations with Sound Masking from Voice Solutions. Ensure the privacy of your clients and comply with HIPPA regulations, and ask for a quote today!


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