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09/10/2019 · Tesla's lack of CarPlay/AndroidAuto is not a due to worries about aesthetics or UI design, it's due to Tesla management not prioritizing it. Tesla just does not care enough to make it happen because new buyers - and perhaps current owners to a smaller extent 01/08/2019 · Adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto if Tesla does one, they would have to do both - due to the 50-50 market split between the two OS would likely be considerably more complicated than adding games. The games only run while the vehicle is parked - so. 30/12/2018 · I’ve used CarPlay for the last 2.5 yrs in my Volt. CarPlay can be buggy but if you drive a lot it can also be great, my drive to work is 100 miles round trip. This is how I used CarPlay and why I really miss it. While driving I listen to books on Audible, Podcats on Apple’s app, Apple Music and handle voice texts from the people that work. Nope. None of Tesla's models support either CarPlay or Android Auto. Which I find extremely ironic, considering they're one of if not the most tech-savvy car manufacturers on the planet.

10/03/2019 · Tesla has a GUI and OS Linux that controls all functions of our car. It is their design that continues to be developed and grows over time. It is the equivalent to what IOS is to Apple. Tesla is into software development in a major way. Their cars would not function without their software. 09/01/2019 · - Use an alternative mapping app. Even Apple the most walled of all the walled gardens offers this on the phone or CarPlay. Again, maybe Tesla will get to this and allow apps when they've finished adding Atari games no one plays but phone integration would remove the need to do this. 11/12/2018 · Android auto and apple carplay is what puts the antiquated Honda system at par with the Tesla even with Teslas great interface and other features. I really miss Android auto that I had on my Clarity. They should have a window to pop it up and minimize it. This would make everyone happy. Teslas not having CarPlay/Android Auto is actually a massive disadvantage. General Yes I know they have their own interface which is absolutely essential to the operation of the car, and yes they have massive displays, but integrated phone software is a big draw for literally every other car manufacturer, and it's actually become an expected feature.

Tesla and apple CarPlay. Question. Hey guys. just a few questions about the phone capabilities of a Tesla. CarPlay is apples version that basically puts your iPhone in the car. Im just wondering how Tesla does this? can you control music from your phone on the centre console? or can you put apple car play on your Tesla. 04/10/2017 · First, I apologize if this has already been discussed to death. I did search first, and the only thread I saw dedicated to the topic was from 2016. What, if anything, has Tesla said about whether/when they will support Apple CarPlay? I drove an Audi over the weekend that had it, and it is pretty. My experience with CarPlay was short but intense. A lot of miles and a lot of hours in a little time. From this I drew two conclusions - 1. Anything I bought that had CarPlay as an unavoidable feature would have to be one hell of a car. 2. If I di.

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